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Yummy yummy sweatshirt fabric, its just so soft, I wish they had touch-o-vision for it!  Owen’s sweatshirt I made using this cotton fleece feels amazing.  So perfect for fall, the Samson pattern by Love Notions has some fun (but not too hard) details.  I have always had a thing for wearing hoodies, so it makes sense that I like to sew them for the kids, too.  I tested this pattern for the designer so I had a deadline for the photos.  It was raining buckets on the day I needed to photograph, so we headed for the basement.  The lighting isn’t so good, but he loves practicing hockey down there.  Perfect for the hockey themed sweatshirt I put together. 

His hockey season is just around the corner, we already got his practice schedule.  Goodbye lazy afternoons!

  DSC_0387 DSC_0350

My husband created this cool mural with shooting targets, but don’t worry we aren’t Leafs fans.  Owen likes to shoot against them, so he can be on the Bruins, we are a Bruins family all the way.  One day my husband will finish painting down there.  I chose red accents because his team colors are red/black/white.  Look at this detail… DSC_0398 DSC_0354

elbow patches!  The placement is perfect too.  I didn’t have enough of that hockey fabric for the hood lining too, so I settled for the elbow patches only. 

Cute wrist cuffs.


Owen can be sensitive to clothing, especially if it has tags or feels tight anywhere.  Because of his this I chose the curved hem option.  The pattern does include both the curved hem like this and the more traditional sweatshirt banded hem.  I think he would find the binding too tight/constricting.  I do find bindings quicker and easier to sew.  This is a nice shot of the looser curved hem. 


I always hem my knits with a double needle.


I have learned to use the narrower needle (on the left in the picture).  Its best for hemming medium and lightweight stretchy fabric.  You can look for ballpoint twin needles too.  These are best for sewing knits they work better with that type of fabric. But for this thick stuff the wide spacing is better.  Just make sure the left of the twin needle clears the metal plate on your sewing machine.  Set your needle position to middle alignment, NOT LEFT!  I have broken so many wide twin needles doing this, its kind of embarrassing. 

Twin needles are great for sewing knit fabric.  Knit fabric is stretchy (like Tshirts or jersey sheets), and the fabric gets the stretch from how its made.  They can be tricky to sew with compared to woven fabric (like a dress shirt or normal sheets).  Woven fabric does not stretch, so its not as comfy for someone wearing it, but it does stay in place better when you sew it.  I love sewing with knit fabrics, they are so comfy for the kids.  Its important that the seams in knit garments have stretch.  Stretchy fabric needs stretchy seams.  Twin needles allow stretch, they make beautiful parallel lines on the outside,and a stretchy  zig zag on the inside.  Can you see it in the photo?


I was planning to use the stripes to line the hood, but I was rushing to finish and read the instructions wrong, I basted the hood on the wrong way, sweatshirt fabric as lining and stripes on the outside.  I thought it looked good though, so I kept it.  Happy accident! 


Here he is wearing the shirt on the ice, just the thing to keep him cozy during public skate!  Its kind of weird to see him skate without all that hockey gear on.  Nora and Jason skated too 🙂


DSC_0410 DSC_0414

Proud mom alert!  Owen is featured in the listing for the pattern!  Check out this link to see my model 🙂

I really like this pattern, it has a basic raglan construction with great details.  Other options include a chest pocket and fully lined cardigan version.  Loads of sizes from 12 months to 14 years.  For a limited time you can use code “samson” to get 15% off the pattern in the Love Notions Etsy shop

Happy sewing!

Need more Samson inspiration?  Check out what the Shaffer Sisters did with the pattern on their blog.



Stitchwerx Designs is another awesome pattern company.  The Stitchwerx patterns I love and have sewn are versatile and gender neutral.  Here is the raglan shirt I made for all the kids for Christmas jammies.  It starts at size 9 months so I tried to scale down the shirt for then 3 month old Rory.  The sleeves are too short, but it makes a decent doll dress for Nora to play with.

The size range is really large, from 9 months to 10 years, so at least I can get 3 more years of matching Christmas jammies out of the pattern, I love when they all match, since it is kind of rare when we can pull it off.



Nora is also rocking the Essential leggings;


The leggings have an even bigger size range!  These are the 0-3 month.  There are options for that sweet ruffle leg too.  The waist looks high because I changed it to a yoga style to use my serger instead of sewing machine.

2013-11-19 12.33.14 2013-11-19 12.32.44

Here is another outfit I made Nora from the pattern

2013-11-19 11.58.58

I added a bottom band, but I don’t love how I mixed fabric prints

2013-11-20 08.55.15

I made Owen another shirt too, and one of these days I am going to applique some sort of Boston Bruins design on here, maybe even before he outgrows it 🙂 2013-11-19 19.29.26

These patterns are really detailed, they have great tutorials and photos to help you along the way.  This company has so many different patterns, even lots for dogs!  I am so excited to be on the blog tour for her newest pattern which releases today!  The tour stops here Friday the 13th, a lucky day for me as I was born on a Friday the 13th!




Happy sewing, be back Friday for my take on the Baby Suite!