This is my new home for sharing my sewing projects. Outside of a 7th grade sewing class, I say I am “self taught,” but I have really learned so much from the tutorials which are included in most digital sewing patterns.  They are so much easier for me to work with than traditional paper patterns.  My collection of digital or PDF sewing patterns is growing.  I got my first machine two and a half years ago during a Black Friday sale.  My mom helped me to get the machine going, it took us way too long to figure out threading the bobbin!  One of my first projects was turning knee socks into baby leg warmers. 


Nora is enjoying her leg warmers

I became interested in fabric via cloth diapering.  I would shop for fabric to send to some of my favorite cloth diaper makers for custom diapers and wondered what else could be made with that beautiful stuff.


Little Nora is laying on some beautiful leftover fabric from I diaper I had made for her.

I also remember working on a Halloween costume and hand stitching these shoes, just wondering how much faster it would be on a sewing machine.


Those self drafted and hand stitched parrot shoes got me thinking about buying a sewing machine.

I still love fabric shopping, but pattern shopping has taken over from diaper shopping.  I sewed all the newborn diapers for my youngest myself – so cute,I also made matching outfits.

2013-11-06 11.26.30

Newborn Rory in one of her homemade outfits


I sew mostly for my kids.  Owen is 6, Nora is 3 and Rory is 8 months.  The girls definitely get more stuff sewn for them than my son, sorry Owen.  My poor husband has been asking me to recover pillows in the basement for him for months, but that sounds so boring, I love beautiful fabric and adorable dresses patterns, not boring squares.  I also sew and sell upcycled wool pants for cloth diapering through a local diaper service.  My day job is working part-time as an early intervention speech language pathologist.  Its so rewarding, and fun too.

So that’s my story, next I will round up some photos of past and present projects and introduce you to my favorite patterns.